Saturday, November 22, 2008

Little Guitar Hero

Noah loves guitar's! He calls them "tar". Our friends came over and brought their guitar hero game and Noah just went nuts over the guitar. I have a video of him playing, but it appears to be too large my husband tells me. So i will try some how to play it! His birthday party is the guitar theme, so fitting :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Movie!!

On the way to the movie!

We love the Marcus!

Ricky and Noah

We cannot wait!

We took Noah to his very first movie yesterday!! A friend that I used to work with at the Marcus Cinemas, Ricky, who is a manager, said that we should bring Noah in to see his first movie and that he would let us in for free :) So we said, even if he sits in there for 20 minutes, it will be ok. Ricky also hooked us up with some popcorn and drinks :) He is so kind to us and we are so thankful. Noah did SO good! He sat through the ENTIRE movie!!!!! He laughed a lot and at a few scenes he asked for "more please". So cute! He loves popcorn, so he enjoyed that throughout the movie. We had so much fun. When we were about to leave Ricky gave Noah a Madagascar movie poster! So Noah went to see his first movie and has his first movie poster. We are so proud :))

Friday, November 07, 2008


Noah loves to pray!! He says "Amee" when he wants to pray. He wants to pray at every meal and for every snack! it is SO cute! He is such a great example :) And honestly a lot of times, reminds us to pray! So this last week on tuesday- election day, we waited in line for an hour. He did so good! He was in his stroller the whole time and was being entertained by others in line and he was entertaining them as well! Hard to imagine, i know. :) Well when I finally got to the machine to vote he had just about had it. The nice volunteers asked him if he wanted a cookie and i said that would be fantastic! So Noah said thank you (his thank you is humming "thank you" "hmmm hm") so cute! And then he started shouting "Amee, Amee, Amee". So in front of everyone who was voting and all the volunteers.. I said " Dear Jesus, thank you for the cookie you have provided. We love you! Amen." So Noah is already telling people about the importance of Jesus and prayer. I love it!