Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have had to write the date several times today and keep wanting to write 12-18-06. But it is 12-18-08! Noah is 2 years old today and we can hardly believe it! This time 2 years ago Chris and I were brand new proud parents of a handsome baby boy! The night before we had Noah we had all kinds of emotions running through us. Was our baby going to be ok being 6 weeks early? was i going to be ok with my blood pressure? what is is like to have a c-section? what is it like to have a preemie? when will i get to hold my baby? when can I take him home? what is it like to be parents? All of these things and God gave us such peace through such a time as this.
Weighing 4 pounds 13 oz. and being in the 0% for his weight, he had a rough start. Today he is 26 pounds 9 oz. and in the 34% for his weight! Thank you Lord for our healthy son. We could not be more greatful. Noah, you have come a long way in 2 years. You are so strong. You are right on target with all your friends that are the same age as you and your Mommy and Daddy could not be any more proud. Thank you for the love you give us. Thank you for your sweet smile and the way you love others. We celebrate you today and the unique little person the Lord has created you to be!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Today we had our first ultra sound! We were SO excited and I was a bit nervous. But everything looks great! The baby is very healthy and even growing a few days ahead of schedule! I am 18 weeks today, so we were hoping that they would be able to see the sex of the baby. And they did!!! At the end she made us close our eyes and she printed up a picture that says "its a ..." and we had her put it in a box that we will open on Christmas morning! All i have to say is, how many more days to Christmas?! Please continue to pray for the baby and me. My blood pressure is perfect right now and we just pray that that continues until the end and we can have a healthy full term baby!! I now have 2 amazing doctors that will see me monthly, so we will be well taken care of. :)

So cute! this is the baby's legs crossed!!

Beautiful profile!!

the first present we will open on Christmas morning :)
yes it is taped and now wrapped! No peeking!
Any guesses on what is inside??

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Little Guitar Hero

Noah loves guitar's! He calls them "tar". Our friends came over and brought their guitar hero game and Noah just went nuts over the guitar. I have a video of him playing, but it appears to be too large my husband tells me. So i will try some how to play it! His birthday party is the guitar theme, so fitting :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Movie!!

On the way to the movie!

We love the Marcus!

Ricky and Noah

We cannot wait!

We took Noah to his very first movie yesterday!! A friend that I used to work with at the Marcus Cinemas, Ricky, who is a manager, said that we should bring Noah in to see his first movie and that he would let us in for free :) So we said, even if he sits in there for 20 minutes, it will be ok. Ricky also hooked us up with some popcorn and drinks :) He is so kind to us and we are so thankful. Noah did SO good! He sat through the ENTIRE movie!!!!! He laughed a lot and at a few scenes he asked for "more please". So cute! He loves popcorn, so he enjoyed that throughout the movie. We had so much fun. When we were about to leave Ricky gave Noah a Madagascar movie poster! So Noah went to see his first movie and has his first movie poster. We are so proud :))

Friday, November 07, 2008


Noah loves to pray!! He says "Amee" when he wants to pray. He wants to pray at every meal and for every snack! it is SO cute! He is such a great example :) And honestly a lot of times, reminds us to pray! So this last week on tuesday- election day, we waited in line for an hour. He did so good! He was in his stroller the whole time and was being entertained by others in line and he was entertaining them as well! Hard to imagine, i know. :) Well when I finally got to the machine to vote he had just about had it. The nice volunteers asked him if he wanted a cookie and i said that would be fantastic! So Noah said thank you (his thank you is humming "thank you" "hmmm hm") so cute! And then he started shouting "Amee, Amee, Amee". So in front of everyone who was voting and all the volunteers.. I said " Dear Jesus, thank you for the cookie you have provided. We love you! Amen." So Noah is already telling people about the importance of Jesus and prayer. I love it!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is a video that my friend had on her blog which was recently shown on Oprah. Just be prepared to cry hard. I watched it for the first time before going to bed and i sat there and wept. Chris came in and wondered what the heck was wrong with his sobbing pregnant wife! This really hit me hard. I spent an hour in bed praying for the parents of Eliot. It is amazing to see how they glorified the Lord through their extreme loss. There is nothing greater in this life then to live for Christ. And they are living proof of a life sold out to the Lord. What an encouragement. By the way...Eliot's parents said on Oprah that they are due in 2 weeks!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rock and Roll

Hyatt Place Hotel!

The best italian food ever! all homemade every day!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Chris' 30th birthday was in August and i wanted to surprise him with a big trip. Well in my dream world that is :) With a ministry salary, their isn't much room for that! So for about 5 months or so prior i saved extra money that i made doing little jobs here and there. So i was able to have enough to have a little getaway to Cleveland, OH. We both have never been. So i planned our little trip :) A few weeks ago we left right after church for Cleveland. My Mom watched Noah over night and our friends Matt and Kristin watched him the next day. We drove the 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get there and checked into our beautiful hotel. Chris and i have a thing for staying in nice hotels! But...we always find the best deals, so its like we are staying at a holiday inn express but not. We always take pictures of our rooms! yes, call us nerds! This hotel is budget friendly yet very modern. It is call Hyatt Place. Look it up! Stay there! 42 inch plasma is every room! come on!! Then we went to a movie- Eagle Eye. So good! Then dinner and back to the hotel. The next day we woke up and had free breakfast. Then went to wonderful Maggianos for lunch. We research and make sure if we are on a trip..Maggianos is included, if it is there. We have been to 5 different locations around the US :) Chris has been to 6. After an amazing amazing lunch we headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! It was a lot of fun! I was a bit tired by the end due to the pregnancy :) I wanted Chris to feel so special and loved even though i couldn't whisk him away to St. Thomas! And he did. So that makes me happy ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love free!

Chris and I love free stuff! Who the heck doesn't, right? Well something that we have done for a while now is sign up for e-club's online to our favorite restaurants and get usually something free for signing up and then free food on your birthday and anniversary! My birthday was last week and we got to celebrate it for almost 2 weeks! Here is all the free stuff we got....
~medium ice cream of choice from Coldstone Creamery
~ 6 amazing cookies from Max and Erma's
~ any burger and fries of my choice from Red Robin and a sundae and a birthday song :)
~ 10.00 off at Maggianos and lemon cookies ...sadly we could not use due to the locations :(
~5.00 off Abuelos
~one stir fry meal at Mongolian barbeque (did not use...not enough time in the day :)
~free 25.00 meal at J.Gilbets..incredible i might add.
~sundae at Culver's
~ eat free at Bob Evan's on their have to sign them up online.
~Gameworks and Dave and Busters gives you free 10.00 game card.
There is more but these are most of the ones we have used. Hope this is helpful to those who enjoy free food :)) And feeling special on your birthday!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

like father like son

Some of you may not know that Chris Moseley is one heck of a dancer! He only shows off his moves at home...i have tried to get him out on the dance floor! Noah loves to see his Daddy dance as much as me! :) So we captured Noah's dance moves last night!! He is already very good!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Friday is my favorite day of the week! Chris is off and it is our family day! We try and think of fun, creative, and inexpensive things to do. This particular Friday we went to the Columbus Metropolitan Library downtown. Isn't it beautiful?? Noah loved it! They had a huge kids section with all kinds of fun things to do! Noah was loving playing a computer game with the head phones on. One of our favorites is going to the zoo and Chick-fil-a. They go hand in hand. If you have any fun ideas, send them our way! we always love doing new things!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

May will be beautiful :)

Noah is going to be a big brother!!! Chris and I recently found out that we are pregnant!!! I am 7 weeks and due on May 17th. We have not been to the doctor yet, but that is what our calculations and the nurse tell us :) We are so very excited!! When I first found out that we were, i started to get nervous and be filled with fear. But then I realized that I know a God who is in control of all things and has all my future planned. What ever happens, I trust Him. And with Him, I have such peace about this pregnancy. Our first appointment is October 22nd. I will be 10 weeks then and will be able to hear the heartbeat! I imagine she will be keeping a close eye on me and the baby because of what happened with Noah. So maybe this means more ultra sounds :))I am ok with that! Please be praying for us. Be praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Be praying for our finances. We are so thankful.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kirk Wedding

Joe and Stephanie Kirk tied the knot last night! We are so excited for them and their beautiful marriage!! What an honor to be a part of their day. Noah was the ring bearer and Chris sang a song. :) Madison and Noah did a perfect job last night! Madison held Noah's hand the whole way down while throwing rose pedals! You will see on the the end of the isle, Noah through a small little fit because he wanted to keep going! He said "more". He was having too much fun!! It was hilarious! Noah lasted about 1/2 the ceremony before I had to take him out. He said "Amen" twice when Pastor John was talking!! And then at just the right time he shouted "Yeh!" really really loudly! Everyone laughed. I fed him two packs of fruit snacks hoping it would keep him quiet! He was just too excited! Enjoy the pictures and video!!! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sneak Peak...

Noah is the ring bearer in our friends wedding tomorrow!! And we had to get him fitted for his all white tux today and i already had to take some pictures of this cuteness! Sooooo here is a sneak peak of the most adorable little ring bearer :)) They said that the tuxedos do not come any smaller than this!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Preemie Reunion!

Yesterday afternoon we had Noah's 1st Preemie Reunion at Mount Carmel East Hospital where he was born! It was so much fun to see our wonderful nurses that took care of Noah 24 hours a day to be the healthy boy that he is today!! Our two favorites that took care of Noah the most were there, Nancey and Jody. When Noah was in the NICU they would fight over which one would get to take care of them that day!! They will always have a special place in our hearts. They loved seeing Noah and still are amazed by all of his hair. Nancey asked if she could take him home! We had not seen Jody in about a year. She has had some health problems and has been recovering from lung cancer. She has never smoked a day in her life. Please pray for her. She flies to Pittsburgh every 3 months to make sure that she is still cancer free and doing well. I have been praying for her all this time, knowing that she had cancer, but not to the extent. I was thrilled to see her. She is just such an amazing person. We are so thankful for such wonderful care and to be able to come together and thank them again was just the best!!

Nancey :)

Jody :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

fall is in the air!!

first saturday of the Buckeye season!!
Noah loves reading magazines :)

Even though i love summer..fall has to be my favorite, by far. As summer is coming to an end..and fall is on it way, i am filled with so much excitement! I must make a list of the things i love about fall...

the weather
OSU football every saturday!!
color change- so beautiful
sweatshirts and hoodies
kettle corn
apple picking
pumpkin picking
Weekly visits to Lynd's Fruit Farm- 5 minutes from our house :)
halloween- my 2nd fav holiday!
my b-day is in october- come on!
tv shows come back :)
caramel apple cider- the one thing i purchase from starbucks all year!
soups from panera on a slightly chilly day
buying halloween candy to pass out
sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs :)
taking Noah trick or treating for the first time!! and Chris and i will be eating all of his candy :)
tuesday morning women's bible study at church
long walks

Just a few of the many reasons i like fall in Columbus :))

Friday, August 22, 2008

The BIG 30!

Normally Emily is the one adding posts to our blog, but I thought it was time for me to take a stab at it. Almost a week ago a big day occurred in my life - I turned 30! That's right 30! Emily and friends made this day(week) so special.

Thursday before my birthday Emily planned a special night and totally kept it a surprise. She had planned a modified progressive dinner. We started at Bill and Alice Myers' house - where we had salad and bread sticks. They were so kind to get together with us. That weekend they were hosting over 100 people at their house for Jon and Allison's Wedding Reception.
Then we moved on to Mark and Debbie Hutsko's for an appetizer spread. They really went all out. We were greeted at the door by our "French maƮtre d'" and enjoyed some live piano music while eating our appetizers.

Next stop was Easton and one of our favorites - Abuelos. We had dinner there with our friends Joe and Stephanie. We all LOVE the food here. Emily and I have a queso ball - every time we come we get free queso. Joe and Steph you can not steal it!

After dinner it was time for dessert. We headed over to Matt and Kristin Vondersaar's apartment for chocolate fondue. She did a great job. And the Jeni's ice cream was excellent. What a great night.

We could have stopped there, but we didn't. On Saturday we celebrated Dawn's (Emily's moms) and my birthday. We had a great southern barbecue lunch and a german chocolate cake from Piece of Cake in the Short North. Dawn turned 30 on Monday!! The math really doesn't add up - but that is what she told us!My actual birthday was on a Sunday. That morning the orchestra and praise leaders brought all kinds of food for a brunch and really made the morning special. Then that evening Emily and I went to the Arena District to go to a movie and have dinner. Dinner was again at a favorite - Ted's. Thank you to everyone who helped make this birthday such a special one. Especially Emily, you worked so hard and kept it all a secret!!! I love you. If turning 30 is this much fun, I would do it every week!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Audrey and Rob's Wedding!


Rehearsal Dinner

So beautiful!

Laughing. cannot help it!

My sweet husband :)

Audrey is a long time friend of mine from middle school and high school. We were always asked if we were sisters or twins even! We played volleyball, basketball, and softball together. And were so goofy, always laughing really loud and making up silly songs. Still to this day..we just laugh when we look at one another :)

When Audrey got engaged she asked if we could meet up together because she wanted to ask me something. I thought perhaps she wanted me to help with the wedding in some way, or sing in it. I was thrilled when she asked me to be a bridesmaid! What an honor. Audrey looked amazing and it was such a beautiful wedding! The weather was perfect! 75 degrees in August is crazy! But we were all glad, it was an outside wedding.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

day trip to cincy!

Chris, Noah and I went to Cincinnati on thursday for a little day trip! We had a little bit of an extra pay check this month and thought it would be fun to do that! So we had lunch at our favorite restaurant Maggiano's! Then we spent 3 hours in the never ending amazing store IKEA. We were almost done and we looked down and Noah was totally asleep in his stroller. Poor guy looked very uncomfortable :( We had a great day together! The video is us at lunch and Chris had gotten up to go to the bathroom. I love how Noah says Da- Da! It is so sweet! Sometimes he sounds italian when he says it :) If you have never been to IKEA...we would highly recommend it! But just be prepared to spend the whole day there and feel dizzy periodically!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Every Thursday afternoon we get a special visitor to our house. And his name is Bradley Pryor :) His parents are friends of ours and they asked me to watch him for a few hours each week. He is such a chunker and just as sweet as can be. I look forward to getting to spend time with him every week. I told Beth (bradleys' momma) that he gives me my little baby fix for the week! Noah is just such a big boy already!! I miss him being a baby! How fast the time flies! He usually is up from his nap for about an hour before Beth comes to get Bradley. Noah is always SO excited to see him! It makes me think he is going to be such a great big brother one day! Sometimes Noah will pretend to be like Bradley and if he is down on the floor Noah will lay flat on the floor right by him and make sounds like Bradley! Noah also gets so excited that he shouts "wow!" or "yeh!" And Bradley is still sensitive to sounds and about 5 seconds after Noah has shown excitement...Bradley will start crying! And it takes a few minutes to get him calm again! I took a few pics of before Noah's excitement and after :)) it is too funny!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Brandt's Visit!

This weekend Tommy, Erica, and Bethany visited us! We had so much fun! We miss them so much and wish they would move back! :) Noah and Bethany were so cute. They only cried a few times when stealing toys from one another! They would randomly give eachother hugs without us even trying for them to. So cute to watch these little people in their own little people world! We went to Easton and let them play in the fountains. And we had to go to Cheesecake Factory and Greaters , they had to have that before they left Columbus. I do not blame them. Good picks. Chipotle too, of course! We are so thankful for the life long friends we have in the Brandt's.