Monday, August 17, 2009

31 of a million....

31 of a million reasons why i love Chris Moseley.

1- His heart is so beautiful. He loves all and is kind to everyone even when its hard to be.

2- that beautiful smile, those gorgeous eyes, well i could go on and on about this one...

3- how hard we laugh together!

4- your incredible voice that the Lord has blessed you with.

5- seeing you praise the Lord each sunday morning with such beauty and ease.

6- our love of food and movies :)

7- how you have tears in your eyes when you are so excited to surprise me with something.

8- seeing you with our boys.

9- how you are such a great friend to people.

10- you provide for our family, and i am so thankful.

11- we have the same taste on just about everything! makes life easy!

12- how you always order water when we are out to eat and i always get the pop ;) (not coke)

13- i love that you love to cook! and you are reallllly good at it too!

14- how i feel so loved by you.

15- your desire to always be learning.

16- you never complain about the house being a mess or that the laundry is not done. but when these things do happen, you are always so encouraging about it and actually notice it.

17- i love that you always want to try new things. you are most adventurous with food :)

18- you are so honest.

19- so faithful.

20- i love that you , Noah, and Owen have a little dimple in your chins :)

21- i love to hear our singing voices together. we have been singing together since 2000...and that is what brought us together!

22- i love that people say you "light up" when you talk about me and the boys.

23- i love that we love the same shows and are perfectly content spending the evening together with each other and our beautiful tv :)) and some snacks :)

24- the hard worker that you are.

25- that you love cherry coke as much as i do.

26- that you can take everything in while i am sitting there overwhelmed with all the info, and you remember all that was said at the boys doctors appointments! :) ha!

27- you listen to me so well.

28- you give such wise advice.

29- i am so glad you are so smart.

30- i hardly ever hear you complain.

31- because you love our family so much.

so i could go on and on...but just wanted to tell you that you are so loved and so appreciated. thank you for being the best husband and father ever! happy birthday to the love of my life.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

second times a charm!

Chris took the day off on tuesday since he worked so much last week with the worship retreat. He surprised me with the entire day. It was so sweet! He sent me an Evite that said he was taking the day off and we were going to all 4 go to Chuck E Cheese and Jason's Deli. And then later that night he arranged for our friend Nicole to watch the boys and we went to dinner and a movie. We had gift cards for both, so that was nice! Bucca De Beppo and we went to easton to see The Proposal. It was so nice to have the time with each other and not two little ones. :)

Noah's first experience at Chucky E Cheese was hilarious. He was overwhelmed by it all and really didn't enjoy it that much. This time we walked in and he ran to all the games and toddler space. It was so cute! He was just loving every minute! There were tickets everywhere, so we picked all of them up and got about 200. So Noah got to pick out some prizes :) He thought he was going to have a birthday party though because all of the commericals for chucky e cheese show kids having b-day parties and blowing out the candles. So he said "Woha(Noah) birthday cake" and then he pretended to blow candles. This is such a FUN age!!! here is a much happier Noah at Chuck's.....