Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 random things i think you should know

ok, so here are 3 random things that i think are useful to my life this week. and might be to yours.
(the 2 people that read our blog) ha!
1- Panera has a rewards card! and just by registering it online i have a free pastry waiting for me! ;)
2- something that has saved me money on buying fruit in the winter months- getting fruit from the salad bar. i get a scoop full of fresh cut strawberries for like .99! instead of 4.99 a pint. we sure cannot afford that! Also we buy frozen fruit at Trader Joes. Strawberries and blueberries.
3- a friend who was going through some major health problems told me about this and it is something that i have changed in our house. I buy organic dish washing soap and dish washer detergent. She said it is one simple change that can make a great impact. it makes sense..you are eating out of and on the dishes that you wash. And the regular detergent has all kinds of crap in it. I don't know the correct language but i know it reads like this - ghudkslfjslfjslfjslfjslfjslfsjl. that is the products we are using to wash our dishes that goes into our bodies...not good! So at the beautiful store Target you can get Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid and they have the dish washer detergent. Its nice to see non-toxic on what you are cleaning your dishes with :) and its not that much more money. Believe me, i am the queen of saving money.
So just wanted to share those things while they were on my heart this week! :)