Saturday, November 27, 2010

So thankful...

we are so blessed by these 2 beautiful boys! what joy they bring us each day!! we love you sweet Noah and Owen :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

we love vacation!!!

we had a great 10 days in North Myrtle Beach!! Some friends from our church were kind enough to let us use their condo again....what a huge gift!! We had a blast and had some much needed family time! we try and make vaca full of fun things that we normally don't get to do or do much of. So we borrowed some new toys from a friend. Borrowed some movies. bought popsicles. (we never buy them...i make juice pops-so these are a real treat) got candy and ice cream a few times. went out to dinner most nights. I had a coupon or gift card for almost every place we went!! :)) love e-clubs! went mini golfing 3 times. went to the pool and/or beach every day. bought lots of sweets to enjoy at the condo. Chris and i got 1.00 red boxes quite a bit :) we just had a laid back blast! our air conditioning broke down 20 minutes into the drive there!!! but we were able to get it fixed for a good price. the parts were expensive, but the labor was done by a friend of a friend. so we are thankful that the last few days and they way home we had air! thank you Jesus!! Noah still called the beach house his "other house". when we pulled up he said.. "oh, a light is on in my house." so sweet!! I tried to get Chris to stay another day! But he said he had to go back to work! what is that?!
we are so thankful!! we pray the Lord's blessing on our friends!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

the boys :)

Chris is quite the photographer.....he is talented and does not even know it! check out these sweet pics he surprised me with when i was at work last week!
The older that Owen is getting, the better they are playing together. It is the sweetest thing to see them playing and laughing together! They love each other so much and it is so fun to think about the brotherly fun they are going to have as time goes on!!

summer at Inniswoods Park

This is one of our favorite metro parks. We are so blessed to have some really fun parks here in Columbus! The boys love it! We had a picnic lunch and then explored the woods!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Piggies

Owen loves when our fridge door is open :) Lets just much as our boys eat now, i cannot even imagine how much its going to be when they are teenagers! ha! What healthy and wonderful boys we are blessed with!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

high school halls

We went to my alma matter for a musical called "Cabaret". I used to be in it and some friends from church were in it and we were able to go. It was really special to walk around and share with Chris about the halls i walked and how i lived. I even went into my Spanish class room and sat at a desk :) i didn't do so well in that classroom...but i do remember a good amount of espanol :) These halls are full of flashbacks from back in the day. The memories start from being so anxious to have more freedom at high school as a freshman. Going to school the week after my Dad passed away and knowing that my Father was with me always and forever...Jesus. Playing volleyball as a freshman and sophomore. Singing lots and lots at this school. Praying tons for my fellow students who knew me as a Jesus lover...but at least they voted me "best personality" our senior year! Having bible studies, prayer groups, and FCA meetings. But mostly i wanted Chris to walk down memory lane with me. For me to share with him the life i lived here. For him to know in these very halls i thought of him often. Prayed for him often. Hoped for him often. Stayed pure for him. And loved him. I always wondered if my future husband was among me in my school or if he lived in another state? I always had a thing for Tennessee. :)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Owen!

Our sweet Owen, we love you so much! We cannot even believe that you are ONE! what?! Even though it does seem like a year ago that we were at Mount Carmel East holding you in our arms...when we look at how big you are, it does not seem like a whole year already! You have a way of making people feel loved...and you are just one. your smile lights up the room. you and your brother laughing just melts our hearts. you are so loved Owen Michael Moseley...Happy First Birthday!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Great Date Experiment

So i have such a sweet and creative husband! And i wanted to share something cool that we are going to be doing over the next few months. Have you heard of Northpont Church? its an amazing church in Atlanta that Andy Stanley is the pastor at. Chris and I had the pleasure of going there when we lived in VA. Chris has been to a leadership conference there as well. Anyway, Chris is always checking out their website and their worship. They have a great Married Life program there where they focus a lot on the importance on marriage and all that jazz! Well they have a cool series they started called "Great Date Experiment". 6 dates with your download the material and each date you do not know what you are doing...the paper will tell you. the 6 dates focus on the essentials of a great marriage. Nurture Romance, Cultivate Communication, Hurry Home, Celebrate Differences, Finish Together, and Trust God. The cool thing is that you cannot look at any of them ahead of time...which is kinda hard for us not to plan! ha! We are big planner people! We are looking forward to this! The first date is thursday! Let love be your greatest aim!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

happy 7 years!!

In a few days Chris and I will be celebrating 7 years of marriage!! March 22,2003 was the best day of my life! December 18th and May 6th are my next 2 favorites :) I am so thankful for the man God made for me. He could not have matched us any better! I love being Chris Moseley's wife. I love taking care of him. I love everything about him. I love that he makes me want to live life better. I love that he makes me love Jesus more. I love to see him be the amazing Daddy that he is. I love how you love me. Happy Anniversary to the man of my dreams...i love you!