Sunday, September 19, 2010

we love vacation!!!

we had a great 10 days in North Myrtle Beach!! Some friends from our church were kind enough to let us use their condo again....what a huge gift!! We had a blast and had some much needed family time! we try and make vaca full of fun things that we normally don't get to do or do much of. So we borrowed some new toys from a friend. Borrowed some movies. bought popsicles. (we never buy them...i make juice pops-so these are a real treat) got candy and ice cream a few times. went out to dinner most nights. I had a coupon or gift card for almost every place we went!! :)) love e-clubs! went mini golfing 3 times. went to the pool and/or beach every day. bought lots of sweets to enjoy at the condo. Chris and i got 1.00 red boxes quite a bit :) we just had a laid back blast! our air conditioning broke down 20 minutes into the drive there!!! but we were able to get it fixed for a good price. the parts were expensive, but the labor was done by a friend of a friend. so we are thankful that the last few days and they way home we had air! thank you Jesus!! Noah still called the beach house his "other house". when we pulled up he said.. "oh, a light is on in my house." so sweet!! I tried to get Chris to stay another day! But he said he had to go back to work! what is that?!
we are so thankful!! we pray the Lord's blessing on our friends!!

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