Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is a video that my friend had on her blog which was recently shown on Oprah. Just be prepared to cry hard. I watched it for the first time before going to bed and i sat there and wept. Chris came in and wondered what the heck was wrong with his sobbing pregnant wife! This really hit me hard. I spent an hour in bed praying for the parents of Eliot. It is amazing to see how they glorified the Lord through their extreme loss. There is nothing greater in this life then to live for Christ. And they are living proof of a life sold out to the Lord. What an encouragement. By the way...Eliot's parents said on Oprah that they are due in 2 weeks!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rock and Roll

Hyatt Place Hotel!

The best italian food ever! all homemade every day!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Chris' 30th birthday was in August and i wanted to surprise him with a big trip. Well in my dream world that is :) With a ministry salary, their isn't much room for that! So for about 5 months or so prior i saved extra money that i made doing little jobs here and there. So i was able to have enough to have a little getaway to Cleveland, OH. We both have never been. So i planned our little trip :) A few weeks ago we left right after church for Cleveland. My Mom watched Noah over night and our friends Matt and Kristin watched him the next day. We drove the 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get there and checked into our beautiful hotel. Chris and i have a thing for staying in nice hotels! But...we always find the best deals, so its like we are staying at a holiday inn express but not. We always take pictures of our rooms! yes, call us nerds! This hotel is budget friendly yet very modern. It is call Hyatt Place. Look it up! Stay there! 42 inch plasma is every room! come on!! Then we went to a movie- Eagle Eye. So good! Then dinner and back to the hotel. The next day we woke up and had free breakfast. Then went to wonderful Maggianos for lunch. We research and make sure if we are on a trip..Maggianos is included, if it is there. We have been to 5 different locations around the US :) Chris has been to 6. After an amazing amazing lunch we headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! It was a lot of fun! I was a bit tired by the end due to the pregnancy :) I wanted Chris to feel so special and loved even though i couldn't whisk him away to St. Thomas! And he did. So that makes me happy ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love free!

Chris and I love free stuff! Who the heck doesn't, right? Well something that we have done for a while now is sign up for e-club's online to our favorite restaurants and get usually something free for signing up and then free food on your birthday and anniversary! My birthday was last week and we got to celebrate it for almost 2 weeks! Here is all the free stuff we got....
~medium ice cream of choice from Coldstone Creamery
~ 6 amazing cookies from Max and Erma's
~ any burger and fries of my choice from Red Robin and a sundae and a birthday song :)
~ 10.00 off at Maggianos and lemon cookies ...sadly we could not use due to the locations :(
~5.00 off Abuelos
~one stir fry meal at Mongolian barbeque (did not use...not enough time in the day :)
~free 25.00 meal at J.Gilbets..incredible i might add.
~sundae at Culver's
~ eat free at Bob Evan's on their have to sign them up online.
~Gameworks and Dave and Busters gives you free 10.00 game card.
There is more but these are most of the ones we have used. Hope this is helpful to those who enjoy free food :)) And feeling special on your birthday!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

like father like son

Some of you may not know that Chris Moseley is one heck of a dancer! He only shows off his moves at home...i have tried to get him out on the dance floor! Noah loves to see his Daddy dance as much as me! :) So we captured Noah's dance moves last night!! He is already very good!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Friday is my favorite day of the week! Chris is off and it is our family day! We try and think of fun, creative, and inexpensive things to do. This particular Friday we went to the Columbus Metropolitan Library downtown. Isn't it beautiful?? Noah loved it! They had a huge kids section with all kinds of fun things to do! Noah was loving playing a computer game with the head phones on. One of our favorites is going to the zoo and Chick-fil-a. They go hand in hand. If you have any fun ideas, send them our way! we always love doing new things!