Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Brodder!

we were driving in the car the other day and Noah all the sudden started saying "Baby Brodder" over and over again!! :) It is the cutest thing! We think he has heard those words so much from us and other people telling him about his baby brother coming! :) after we did this video he kept saying it and we told him he would be coming soon. He then ran to the front window and thought he was here!! so sweet! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chuck "E" Cheese!

This was Noah's look some of the time here...we was a bit overwhelmed!
Ski Ball with Daddy!
so cute!

We took Noah to Chuck E Cheese last week on our friday family day for the first time! We bought 8 tokens- $2.00 and it was tough spending all of that! He really enjoyed himself- i think he was just a little overwhelmed by all of it. It wasn't that busy but just a lot to take in. He had about 25 tickets so he picked out a few little prizes at the end. Then we went and had a delicious lunch at a new place to us called Jason's Deli. Such good food...i cannot wait to go back! You can get free soft serve ice cream! After the 6th refill for the 3 of us, Chris said we should probably leave! haha!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

4 more weeks!

I got a call just an hour ago saying that my C-Section is on the books at the hospital for Wednesday May 6th at 9:30am! wow! What a weird feeling i have! Excitement mostly, but a bit nervous to be having major abdominal surgery again. But I have heard the second one is a lot less painful. And hopefully we will have much different circumstances! We hope the baby will be in the hospital room with us and not in the NICU getting his diapers weighed. But if that were to happen, we know the Lord will get us through it, just like he has with Noah. Keep praying my friends! This very time in my pregnancy with Noah, I would have just had him. I had an ultrasound done yesterday and the baby looked great with great movement. His fluid levels were perfect. We will continue to keep you updated!