Wednesday, November 18, 2009

funny boys!

i love how Owen looks at Noah. I love how when Noah walks in the room Owen's face lights up. And Noah loves his brother and is so sweet with him. so sweet. We love to see them make each other laugh!

Monday, November 09, 2009

My Dad

My Dad and Mom :)
My Dad and I snuggling :)
I took this picture a few days before he died

Today is November 9th. November 9th, 1996 is a day i will never forget. It changed me and my family life forever. I remember that morning pretty well. God was preparing me for my father's death for a few weeks. I could write a 20 page blog about all the things that God did to prepare my heart for what was about to happen. But i will tell you that he gave me His peace. And it has still not left me to this day. My Dad was an amazing man of God. He would pray every morning before he left to go to work. It would be 5am and he was literally on his hands and knees praying each day. He worked 3 different jobs and drove the crappy of crappiest cars to provide for our family. He had the best sense of humor- the best! He was such a teaser all the time. He would dance down the isles of the grocery store and embarrass the heck out of me. :) His death brought a lot of people closer to the Lord. Including me. His death brought people to come to know the Lord. Including my Grandmother (his mom). He impacted so many through his life and death. At his funeral a chef and several of the workers of my Dad's favorite waffle house came. He was one of a kind.
My heart breaks that Chris cannot know him. My Dad would have loved Chris as another one of his sons. He would think Chris was just the greatest. When i think about my Dad and how in love he would be with Noah and Owen it always brings me to tears. He would have been an amazing Grandpa. I have a feeling he would have wanted to move in with us because he couldn't get enough of them. One day...he will get to meet my family and it will be an incredible day.
I have so much to say about my Dad, his death, and how it has changed my life. Thank you Lord for blessing me and Corey with 15 years with my Dad. Thank you for blessing my Mom with many years married to him. We will forever love and miss you Dad.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Owen the bird

Owen is our little loud bird- what you are about to see is nothing compared to what he does! And Noah is joining in! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


our little pumkins. thank you Lord for blessing us with the sweetest boys!

Owen's dedication

A few weeks ago Owen was dedicated to the Lord. What an amazing day. Our church gives the babies their first bible, a letter about Jesus, a certificate, and a lullaby CD. They also cater a nice lunch afterwards for family and friends. A day to celebrate the birth of our sweet son. A day to thank the Lord for allowing us to take care of Owen. To teach him to love the Lord, to serve Him, to follow Him. That is the one thing Chris and i hope to instill in our boys, to be a Christ follower. Thank you Lord for trusting us to be Owen's Mommy and Daddy! We are so blessed to have such a happy and adorable baby. Each day, help us to be the parent's that you want us to be Lord. That Noah and Owen need. thank you.

Monday, October 05, 2009

haircuts and bowling!

This past friday we took Owen for his first haircut! He had a mullet growing longer by the second and his bangs were past his eyes! So as hard as it was to let my 4 month old get a haircut...we did it! Owen did great and pretty much smiled the whole time! Like normal! :) All 3 boys got haircuts that day. I think this will be a normal occurrence now. Good thing my sweet cousin Carrie gives us a family discount!
Then after haircuts and Noah's flu shot we went to a new bowling alley in town! Let me tell you it is sweeeeet! Brand new place called Rule 3. Noah loved it! Except he was a little scared of the mini bowling. We didn't try the real bowling because the mini one was only 2.00 and seemed more his size! But we will just go back and try it again! Just like Chuck E Cheese..he loved it the second time!

Doing a "scary dance" because we was scared of the bowling!

Chris trying to encourage him to bowl :)

He is so handsome!!

mullet in the back!!!

Owen loving getting his first haircut! Such a little love bug!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


This is our son dancing to a group that preformed at Sonfest. Could he be any cuter? Our brother in-law Whit gave us tickets to come to this event where he performed with Plumb. More pictures to come :) So fun!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Boy Room!

So here is Noah's big boy room!! Chris did such an awesome paint job! Its been ready for a while...its just now time to move Owen into the crib..which means its time for Noah to go into his bed. Which he was very content in his crib. :) and so was i :) Noah has done great though! He only fell out once! In the middle of the night and he just stayed on the floor crying until i came in. Poor guy! But other than that he has done great! My Mom was sweet and found the Elmo toddler bed that has helped! We removed all the toys that were in there. (doctors suggestion) So far, it is much easier transition then i though it was going to be! Thank the Lord! When he is done with his nap or gets up in the morning, he just opens the door like a big boy and is ready to play. Wow, where has the time gone?!

Monday, August 17, 2009

31 of a million....

31 of a million reasons why i love Chris Moseley.

1- His heart is so beautiful. He loves all and is kind to everyone even when its hard to be.

2- that beautiful smile, those gorgeous eyes, well i could go on and on about this one...

3- how hard we laugh together!

4- your incredible voice that the Lord has blessed you with.

5- seeing you praise the Lord each sunday morning with such beauty and ease.

6- our love of food and movies :)

7- how you have tears in your eyes when you are so excited to surprise me with something.

8- seeing you with our boys.

9- how you are such a great friend to people.

10- you provide for our family, and i am so thankful.

11- we have the same taste on just about everything! makes life easy!

12- how you always order water when we are out to eat and i always get the pop ;) (not coke)

13- i love that you love to cook! and you are reallllly good at it too!

14- how i feel so loved by you.

15- your desire to always be learning.

16- you never complain about the house being a mess or that the laundry is not done. but when these things do happen, you are always so encouraging about it and actually notice it.

17- i love that you always want to try new things. you are most adventurous with food :)

18- you are so honest.

19- so faithful.

20- i love that you , Noah, and Owen have a little dimple in your chins :)

21- i love to hear our singing voices together. we have been singing together since 2000...and that is what brought us together!

22- i love that people say you "light up" when you talk about me and the boys.

23- i love that we love the same shows and are perfectly content spending the evening together with each other and our beautiful tv :)) and some snacks :)

24- the hard worker that you are.

25- that you love cherry coke as much as i do.

26- that you can take everything in while i am sitting there overwhelmed with all the info, and you remember all that was said at the boys doctors appointments! :) ha!

27- you listen to me so well.

28- you give such wise advice.

29- i am so glad you are so smart.

30- i hardly ever hear you complain.

31- because you love our family so much.

so i could go on and on...but just wanted to tell you that you are so loved and so appreciated. thank you for being the best husband and father ever! happy birthday to the love of my life.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

second times a charm!

Chris took the day off on tuesday since he worked so much last week with the worship retreat. He surprised me with the entire day. It was so sweet! He sent me an Evite that said he was taking the day off and we were going to all 4 go to Chuck E Cheese and Jason's Deli. And then later that night he arranged for our friend Nicole to watch the boys and we went to dinner and a movie. We had gift cards for both, so that was nice! Bucca De Beppo and we went to easton to see The Proposal. It was so nice to have the time with each other and not two little ones. :)

Noah's first experience at Chucky E Cheese was hilarious. He was overwhelmed by it all and really didn't enjoy it that much. This time we walked in and he ran to all the games and toddler space. It was so cute! He was just loving every minute! There were tickets everywhere, so we picked all of them up and got about 200. So Noah got to pick out some prizes :) He thought he was going to have a birthday party though because all of the commericals for chucky e cheese show kids having b-day parties and blowing out the candles. So he said "Woha(Noah) birthday cake" and then he pretended to blow candles. This is such a FUN age!!! here is a much happier Noah at Chuck's.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rockin Twinkle!

Noah rocking out to Twinkle Twinkle :) also...please look past the laundry- Noah threw it around everywhere. :)

Friday, July 03, 2009

don't you hate it when.....

Don't you hate it when you go grocery shopping to a new store and you do not know where anything is so it takes you twice as long??
Don't you also hate it when you have a baby bjorn and baby strapped to you and you have to go to the bathroom at the grocery store and then you realize about 10 minutes later that you missed the tiolet and got it all over your pants?? (it is hard to pee with a baby attached to you :)
And its not the first time this has happened :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009 we come!!!

January of 2008 we went on a vacation/conference to LA and San Diego. That was the first and only time Noah has seen the beach. He had just turned one. We have been wanting to take him to the beach for a while and have a fun vacation. But we could not afford it. Well the Lord has provided for us to go to South Carolina in September!! We have this family at our church who owns a condo there and they offered us a free week for our family! I have known them for quite a while, i graduated with their son. And they wanted to bless us since Chris and i are in the ministry and wanted to support us. We feel so very grateful and blessed! We were just talking about how long it has been since CA that we have gone on vacation and we really needed it! We cannot wait to spend the week together as our new family of four!! Owen will be 4 months when we go. So that will be good! And we will only have to pay for the gas to get down there. It takes about 10 hours. The condo has a full kitchen and washer and dryer. So we will be buying our food like we would at our own house and cooking. It is about 2 miles away from the beach and the condo community has its own pool as well. Thank you Lord for such a blessing!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

a few of Noah's new favorites :)

The first 2 pictures are at this amazing park called Inniswoods Metro Park in Westerville. It is so beautiful and they have this entire section all for children. It was our first time there and it will not be our last, that is for sure!! The last two pictures are a water table someone got for Noah that he just loves! So fun. And the sand box is from a friend who's kids out grew it. He loves it!! It is so cool to see how the Lord is providing for us and our family. I am so glad its summer! Summer is even more fun with a 2 1/2 year old!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Boys!

Owen Michael Moseley has arrived! He was 7 pounds 6 oz. and 20 inches long! big boy :) we are thrilled to have our new little addition to our family! He is as sweet as can be. And Noah is loving being a big bro. Since we called Owen "baby brother" the entire time i was pregnant, that is what he still calls him "Brudder". It is the cutest!! So we posted some pictures to see the similarities between our two boys! It is so cool to see how they look alike, but different!!

Owen's first bath!

Noah's first bath!

Owen :)

Noah :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Brodder!

we were driving in the car the other day and Noah all the sudden started saying "Baby Brodder" over and over again!! :) It is the cutest thing! We think he has heard those words so much from us and other people telling him about his baby brother coming! :) after we did this video he kept saying it and we told him he would be coming soon. He then ran to the front window and thought he was here!! so sweet! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chuck "E" Cheese!

This was Noah's look some of the time here...we was a bit overwhelmed!
Ski Ball with Daddy!
so cute!

We took Noah to Chuck E Cheese last week on our friday family day for the first time! We bought 8 tokens- $2.00 and it was tough spending all of that! He really enjoyed himself- i think he was just a little overwhelmed by all of it. It wasn't that busy but just a lot to take in. He had about 25 tickets so he picked out a few little prizes at the end. Then we went and had a delicious lunch at a new place to us called Jason's Deli. Such good food...i cannot wait to go back! You can get free soft serve ice cream! After the 6th refill for the 3 of us, Chris said we should probably leave! haha!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

4 more weeks!

I got a call just an hour ago saying that my C-Section is on the books at the hospital for Wednesday May 6th at 9:30am! wow! What a weird feeling i have! Excitement mostly, but a bit nervous to be having major abdominal surgery again. But I have heard the second one is a lot less painful. And hopefully we will have much different circumstances! We hope the baby will be in the hospital room with us and not in the NICU getting his diapers weighed. But if that were to happen, we know the Lord will get us through it, just like he has with Noah. Keep praying my friends! This very time in my pregnancy with Noah, I would have just had him. I had an ultrasound done yesterday and the baby looked great with great movement. His fluid levels were perfect. We will continue to keep you updated!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

33 weeks!

The first picture is a 3-D picture of the baby smiling :) The 2nd picture is my growing belly :)
We met with the specialist yesterday and they said the baby is looking beautiful and measuring still 1 week ahead of schedule! He weights about 4 pounds 15 oz. Noah was born at 34 weeks weighing 4 pounds 13 oz. So as you can see...he is a week ahead. It is hard to believe that when i was this far along with Noah, i was in the hospital this week getting steroid shots and trying to prepare myself for a premature baby and c-section! But this time around, we are hoping to remedy that! My blood pressure has been slowly, the last few days, creeping up. They upped my dosage a little for my blood pressure meds. So we hope that will keep in steady. We have everything in its place this time around. We learned our lesson last time. We have the pack and play and swing in the living room and the cradle in our bedroom. We are ready for our little bundle of joy...just want him to stay a little while longer with Mommy. Chris and I have decided to keep the baby's name a surprise until he is born! ( although we are still finalizing) Please keep on praying for me and the baby. Thank you so much!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mr. Talent!

So here are a few videos of Noah singing, dancing, and playing the harmonica :) He just cracks us up non-stop! So much fun!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

sneak peak..3-D style

We had our appointment with the specialist yesterday and it went great! During our ultra sound, to our surprise...we got to see our baby boy in 3-D! We have never gotten 3-D before and let me tell you, it was INCREDIBLE! usually you have to pay a pretty penny for 3- D, but since I am going to the OSU is all covered! It was like we were having a sneak peak at what he is going to look like! I thought he looks a lot like Noah! And Chris thinks i am nuts :) We will get to have regular ultra sound and 3-D from now on! So there will be more pictures to come! Oh and in case you were wondering, the pillow that his sweet head is laying on is the placenta! So cool.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby belly

I am 24 weeks pregnant and defiantly showing! It is crazy how you just pop out one day :) I am feeling him a lot and a lot harder kicks as he is getting bigger. He is about 1 pound right now and the size of an ear of corn. He has been kicking the most the minute I lay my head down on the pillow at night! :) Chris loves getting to feel him, so that is fun! Our next appointment and ultra sound is monday! Keep up the prayers, we feel them!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Boys Boys Boys!

So in about 4 months we will have a house full of boys and i can hardly wait!!!! I am sure most of you know that on Christmas we opened up a present that was the results of our ultrasound weeks prior. We waited until Christmas to find out that we are having a BOY!!! I had kind of thought maybe it would be a girl and Chris said for a few weeks he thought it was a boy. I keep thinking about all the people i know who have two boys and what their life is like and how the boys get along. And it is just so cool to think about our two boys being good buddies! We pray for that :)) Chris said he always thought it would be fun to have a brother as well. It will be cool to see if they look alike and what they do similarly. It is fun being pregnant but i cannot wait to meet this little one! We had a appointment yesterday with the OSU specialist and things are looking great for both me and the baby! I had to do a 24 hour urine test to make sure of the protein levels and they were perfect. And my EKG was normal and my blood pressure is normal as well. Not under the circumstances, but it is nice to get to have an ultrasound every 4 weeks! They said that the baby is measuring 5 days ahead, but that really doesn't mean anything except that the baby is growing and is healthy! She did say that the baby's arms were long! Defiantly not like Chris or I. He might just take after his 6 ft. 3 Poppa!(Chris' Dad). Thank you all for your prayers and concern. Please continue the prayers!