Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Great Date Experiment

So i have such a sweet and creative husband! And i wanted to share something cool that we are going to be doing over the next few months. Have you heard of Northpont Church? its an amazing church in Atlanta that Andy Stanley is the pastor at. Chris and I had the pleasure of going there when we lived in VA. Chris has been to a leadership conference there as well. Anyway, Chris is always checking out their website and their worship. They have a great Married Life program there where they focus a lot on the importance on marriage and all that jazz! Well they have a cool series they started called "Great Date Experiment". 6 dates with your download the material and each date you do not know what you are doing...the paper will tell you. the 6 dates focus on the essentials of a great marriage. Nurture Romance, Cultivate Communication, Hurry Home, Celebrate Differences, Finish Together, and Trust God. The cool thing is that you cannot look at any of them ahead of time...which is kinda hard for us not to plan! ha! We are big planner people! We are looking forward to this! The first date is thursday! Let love be your greatest aim!