Sunday, October 25, 2009

Owen the bird

Owen is our little loud bird- what you are about to see is nothing compared to what he does! And Noah is joining in! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


our little pumkins. thank you Lord for blessing us with the sweetest boys!

Owen's dedication

A few weeks ago Owen was dedicated to the Lord. What an amazing day. Our church gives the babies their first bible, a letter about Jesus, a certificate, and a lullaby CD. They also cater a nice lunch afterwards for family and friends. A day to celebrate the birth of our sweet son. A day to thank the Lord for allowing us to take care of Owen. To teach him to love the Lord, to serve Him, to follow Him. That is the one thing Chris and i hope to instill in our boys, to be a Christ follower. Thank you Lord for trusting us to be Owen's Mommy and Daddy! We are so blessed to have such a happy and adorable baby. Each day, help us to be the parent's that you want us to be Lord. That Noah and Owen need. thank you.

Monday, October 05, 2009

haircuts and bowling!

This past friday we took Owen for his first haircut! He had a mullet growing longer by the second and his bangs were past his eyes! So as hard as it was to let my 4 month old get a haircut...we did it! Owen did great and pretty much smiled the whole time! Like normal! :) All 3 boys got haircuts that day. I think this will be a normal occurrence now. Good thing my sweet cousin Carrie gives us a family discount!
Then after haircuts and Noah's flu shot we went to a new bowling alley in town! Let me tell you it is sweeeeet! Brand new place called Rule 3. Noah loved it! Except he was a little scared of the mini bowling. We didn't try the real bowling because the mini one was only 2.00 and seemed more his size! But we will just go back and try it again! Just like Chuck E Cheese..he loved it the second time!

Doing a "scary dance" because we was scared of the bowling!

Chris trying to encourage him to bowl :)

He is so handsome!!

mullet in the back!!!

Owen loving getting his first haircut! Such a little love bug!